The Basics

I grew up in the Suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but made it out to the city to attend Temple University. After graduation, I returned to lay my influence in the “burbs”. Outside of the art life, I’m an avid snowboarder spending many of my winter weekends in the Poconos and the occasional trip to Colorado. I kick ass at RDR2. I love all genres of music.

Career & Experience

I graduated from the Tyler School of Art in 2016 as a Graphic and Interactive Design major. My first internship was at Softerware- a company involved in a variety of online services from web design to marketing campaign management.

As it stands, I’ve been at Softerware for more than 3 years working my way up from a sweet little intern/coffee boy with some coding on the side to the Senior Web Designer. In this role, I manage a team of designers guiding overall strategy in website development, conference booth designs, and code review to ensure a smooth user interface experience for clients and their customers to enjoy.

This new role has presented many growth opportunities. Since this line of work is always on the cutting edge, I have made sure to stay on top of industry trends through attending different AGI Trainings such as “UX Design”, ”Responsive Design”, and “Adobe XD”.

Since joining the Dev side two years ago I have become an expert with HTML5 and CSS3 with a high proficiency in JavaScript, Sass, PHP, and customized WordPress themes. Make your way to the explore page to check out some of these projects

Through the years, I have done small freelance projects as well: Four corporate branding projects, launched a T-Shirt brand, and, of course, I’ve made my mom some very personalized birthday cards.

I am always looking to further my professional and personal growth as a Graphic Designer and Developer. Please reach out via my contact page if you think there may be an opportunity for both of us to benefit from!