The Basics

I am from PA, I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I moved to the philly for college, and now am back in the suburbs. I enjoy snowboarding, video games, music, jeeps (wranglers), and generally having a good time.

Career & Experience

I went to Tyler School of Art and graduated in 2016. I studied graphic and interactive design. During college I worked part-time as a junior graphic designer at SofterWare, a software company that creates a handful of different online services. After School I was offered a full time position at SofterWare. I am still currently working at SofterWare, now as the Senior Web Designer, working with a team that tackles everything from website development to conference booth designs.

I have also attended AGI Trainings such as “UX Design”,”Responsive Design”, and “Adobe XD”, as my job and responsibilities there continues to grow.

While at SofterWare, I have become an expert with HTML5, CSS3, learned to work with JavaScript, Sass, PHP, and customized WordPress themes.

Through the years, I have done small freelance projects as well. These projects range from a complete T-shirt brand to a simple gift card designs.

Make your way to the explore page to check out some of these projects

I continually am looking for new opportunities to further my career and life as a designer and developer. If you have something you think I may be interested in, make your way to the Contact page and connect with me!